“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Want to be a Runner Like You.

 This week my little princes' are celebrating Read Across America week at school.  Today all the kids were supposed to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.  When I asked the boys what they wanted to be Prince #1 said "I want to be a runner like you." LOL!!  My first thought was "this is going to be an easy costume, go throw on a pair of sweat pants." My second thought was "does he really think that I run for a living??"  How fantastic would that be to get paid to run! I'm not even going to correct him, I love hearing the from their teachers all the stories that my boys tell at school. I can hear it now "Tyler says your a professional runner.",  and I would reply, "why yes, yes I am."..LOL!!  When Prince # 1 was in Kindergarten I was at the parent/teacher conference and his (very proper, southern belle)teacher had a very concerned look on her face, I knew something big was coming, she said "Tyler tells me that sometimes you punch his daddy in the neck." HA! I almost fell over! I used to say that to hubby all the time in jest that I would punch him right in the neck if he forgot to take the garbage out, or if he was being crabby, it would always make me laugh(apparently I have a warped sense of humor). I would never actually do it! So I had to explain to this teacher that I don't actually abuse my hubby and that I just think it is something funny to say. She was not amused....I don't say it when the kids are around anymore. Though a few weeks ago hubby was picking at Prince #1 and he yelled "MOM! Come punch daddy in the neck!"....It's still funny to me!

Ok so I took a little tangent...so Prince #1 wanted to be a runner...what did Prince #2 want to be?
Our conversation went like this:

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Prince 2: Boba Fett.
Me: You can't be Boba Fett.
Prince 2: Why?
Me: Because Boba Fett is not real.
Prince 2: Yes he is. What about Darth Vader?
Me: How about a fireman or a police officer?(we have those costumes so that would be easy)
Prince 2: No. How about I can be a pollen jock? (He loves the Bee movie)
Me: *sigh* you have to be something that is real, a pollen jock is a bumble bee. You are not a bumble bee.
Prince 2: I might be one day
Me: No you won't.(if it wasn't 6am, I would have been laughing but at this point I was done talking) You will be a police officer or you won't dress up.
Prince 2: Can I bring real handcuffs and my BB gun?
Me: We don't have real handcuffs and cops don't carry BB guns.
Prince 2: If I'm a fireman can I bring a water hose?
Me: No, now get dressed!

I wish I would have snapped some pics this morning because they were a sight! 

They will be running in the 1 Mile fun run this Saturday and they are both pretty determined to set PR's.
I, on the other hand did not run Tuesday or Wednesday due to a case of crazy schedule-itis I am really looking forward to a 6 miler at lunch today and then tomorrow morning I am going to do a nice easy run with my friend Angie who is running the 5k with me Saturday.  We will also be brainstorming to come up with a name for my Garmin.  She calls hers "Huzzy" because it beeps at her and tells her to speed up all the time!

Any ideas for names for my Garmin?

 If your new to my blog, welcome! If your not new, thanks for stopping by!
I love reading your comments and feedback!

Grace and peace, 


RockStarTri said...

My daughter wanted to be a runner like me but now she realizes that I'm too slow. Luckily, many people are slow compared to her (she ran sub 23:00 XC 5K as a 13yo and hopes to break 20:00 by year end).

She named my Garmin 305 "Garmie" and then renamed it "Amanda's Garmie." I broke down and bought a new 310 for myself since I figured I'd never get the 305 back.

Julie said...

Hi April,
Oh my goodness, kids say the cutest things:) Yes, I am a professional runner!! I love it:) Good luck with your one mile race!! I am sending PR vibes your way:)

Hannah said...

Awww! So cute!

Cracking up at the "punching in the neck" conversation with the teacher. Ha!

Have a great time at the fun run!

Erica said...

haha Love the punch in the neck... I fear the things my kids will say I am terrible I call them "animals" tell them I am going to beat their bottoms (even though I have never spanked them once)and I am evil to my husband! oh well...I thnk you should name your garmin something totally girly since you have all those boys running around!

H Love said...

classic stories...love them!! I too am on the hunt for a Garmin name. I will think a bit...what color is it and of course is this a boy or girl Garmin??

Deanna - The Unnatural Mother said...

Too cute!!

Didn't think naming a Garmin would be so hard... I read the post and thought for sure I'd have a name by time I hit the comment button. Nothing!

Glenn Jones said...

How cute! Milk it while you can. I can't even get my three kids (22, 19, 17) to come to a race unless I'm buying them lunch afterwards....

Molly said...

Thanks for linking up my giveaway! Have fun in your 5k this weekend, love your blog, I'm following you back!

misszippy said...

How cool is that comment? I'd love it if my kids first thought was that I was a runner! Good luck this weekend--tear it up!

Denise said...

i want to be a pollen jock, too!! how adorable!!

as for the marathon and the comment you left...you can totally do it!!! go for it!

Sherri said...

I loved that post!
I love how he wants to be like you....that is so dear!
Great picture with you and the boys! =)

Irene said...

So cute and funny! You'll have to show him this blog post in a few years. :)

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