“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Touch and Go

First off, I want to thank every one who has entered the giveaway already!! I am in awe at the overwhelming response!  If you haven't entered the iFitness & GU giveaway yet, there is still time!  You can enter until Wednesday 3/31.

Update on mileage
My goal for this month was 100 miles.  Today (before my run) I have 79.7 for the month.  I'm not going to meet my goal..:(  Time has not been on my side lately and I missed two runs last week.  Today I will get in 6 and tomorrow 5. It should bring my monthly total to 90.7.....soooooo close!!!
I just can not squeeze in anymore miles....

This week my "daycare" situation fell through, so I have been taking off to check out other daycare centers and interview people to keep the boys at my home.....if any of you have ever been in this situation then you know, it is not easy nor is it an enjoyable situation to be in.  Thankfully, I have an employer who also happens to be my Pastor(I work at my church) who is very understanding and I don't get penalized for missing work. 
Child care is outrageously expensive! 

Blessing #1, I found someone that the boys like, to stay with the boys after school.

Blessing #2 I was planning on leaving work early again today to check out a couple more places for Littlest Prince.  When I got to work this morning, Pastor told me he wanted me to start taking off everyday at 2:30pm so that I could pick my boys up from school and be with them and it would not affect my pay......WHAT!?  Praise God!!!
If I wasn't emotionally retarded I would have cried.

Blessing #3: Little Prince and Middle Prince were accepted into a day camp program for the summer!  They super excited!

Blessing #4: Ok, so it hasn't happened yet, but I am expecting this blessing.  I'm going today to look at a child care center for Littlest prince.  He has never been in public child care, the place I'm looking at usually has a 3 month wait....I need it by next Monday.  So I am believing he gets in!

What are you thankful for today?  
How have you been blessed?

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Grace and peace,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

iFitness & GU Giveaway

Wow! As of last night I officially have 50 "followers". I'm not sure I like that word because from what I have read from your blogs you ALL seem to be amazing leaders...nevertheless, I promised a giveaway when I reached 50...
In January, I purchased an iFitness  neoprene double pouch running belt at the Rock N' Roll Expo in Arizona and it is now one of my FAVORITE running accessories.  I had been looking for something to carry all my junk for a while but couldn't find one that didn't look like my Grandpa's fanny pack.  This is not your Grandpa's fanny pack!!

I contacted iFitness to order a belt for one of my awesome readers and to let them know how amazing I think their product is.  To my surprise they provided the belt for me to pass on to you!  I think you will love it just as much as I do!

Here is what iFitness says about the iFitness Neoprene Double Pouch :

Water resistant double pouch will keep your iPhone or Blackberry safe from rain or sweat.
A second pouch will keep your energy gels,keys or camera, separate from your phone.
An inner pocket will hold your ID and credit cards safely.
Two reflector strips in the front for your night time runs.
This belt will not bounce, chafe or ride up while you run! 

Here is what I have to say about it...
When I wore this in my last Half Marathon I could not even feel it!! Normally I have a problem with anything around my waist cutting in to my muffin tops or feeling really uncomfortable.  It is very comfortable.  It didn't budge the whole run. I didn't have to adjust it once. I forgot I had it on at the end of the race and didn't realize it until my brother asked me to give him his keys!
This is what I had in my belt:
 My Blackberry, my brother's car keys, Driver's License, emergency cash, lip balm, and 2 packs of my fave GU.
 You can barely see the belt
The belt I'm giving away is the same color as mine Grey with pink zipper.

The winner of the iFitness Belt will also receive 4 packs of my favorite GU-Jet Blackberry.

To Enter
There are 4 ways to enter. Make sure you leave a separate comment for each entry.

1.Become part of my Royal Court or tell me if you already are.

2. Go to the iFitness website and tell me what product you would like to have. 

3. Post a link to this giveaway on your blog and let me know in a comment.

4.Check out the GU website and tell me what your favorite flavor GU is or what product you would like to try.

Entries will be accepted until Wednesday, March 31st. Winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, April 1st.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Committed!!!

I have had a problem committing to running a full marathon for about a year now.  To be honest I have been completely afraid and intimidated just thinking about running a marathon.  The thought of training alone, not knowing if I was disciplined enough, if my body could handle it, if I had the time…yada, yada, yada.  Injuring my IT Band in the last half I ran in January just added to my fear and doubt.  I don’t like fear. I think fear is a tool the devil uses to keep us from being our best.  I try to face my fears head on…but the marathon has just seemed so overwhelming to me.  I’ve had a hard time quieting that voice that tells me “you’re not marathon material”.
Up until 2 weeks ago, I let that voice stop me from moving past 13.1 miles.  Up until 2 weeks ago, 13.1 miles was the farthest I had ever run.  2 weeks ago I made the decision to shut that voice up and prove it wrong. So, I planned a 14mile run for Sun, March 14th.  Sunday came and I was ready.  I was rested and refreshed and ready to run.  The run went great.  I didn’t set any time constraints for the run.  My goal was to completely run all 14 miles and I did.  I felt great the whole time, so great that I ran an extra mile turning it into an official 15miler!! I did stop two times to stretch. My hamstrings were so tight!  I ran 15 miles in 2:29....pleasantly surprised me.  After finishing that run, I, for the first time felt that running a marathon was possible.  Maybe it was all those crazy running endorphins! Who knows! I don’t really care….I quieted that voice.  I have a peace that only comes from God.  Now I hear a different voice when I think about running a marathon, this voice says “You are more than a conqueror”.
So I started searching for a marathon to register for.  I prayed about it and told God that I was committed.  I think sometimes you just have to say it out loud so that your ears can hear you commit.  I wanted God to know, but more than that I wanted the devil to know that I was no longer scared and that his small voice of defeat and doubt would no longer be welcome!!!
The very next day was the first No Boundaries group run.  One of the other coaches, the wife of the ultra-marathoner, ultra-rock star, Kelly, approached me and asked if I would run the Rocket City Marathon with her this December.  I wanted to turn around and make sure she wasn’t talking to someone behind me…I was a little dumbfounded.  She just met me two weeks prior to this.  Asking someone to commit to run a marathon with you is serious business, like asking someone to go steady. If ever I knew that this was a confirmation from God that I could do it….this was! After I picked my jaw up off the ground I think I stammered…a dopey.... “uh-huh”.  Then I mumbled something about being honored that she would even ask me I’m sure I probably said something stupid and inappropriate as I do when I get nervous.  Inside I was screaming and jumping for joy! I will not be training alone for my first marathon!!!! Not only that, but I will be training with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about marathon training!!! Are you kidding God!!! This rocks!! Not only an answer to my prayers but completely exceeded my expectations!!! 
Another HUGE commitment I am proud of today is our 8 year wedding anniversary!!  I am blessed to be married to such a loving and devoted husband and father!
  Notice how tall Hubby is.....weird huh? They actually had him stand on a step!!LOL!! I'm totally Amazon woman next to him!
My beautiful step-daughter was the flower girl and that is Little Prince, the ring bearer(we did things a little backwards).
This is what Hubby sent to the office today:
 Total Brownie Points!! 
So now I want to know...how did you feel when you committed to your first Marathon?

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Grace and peace,

Monday, March 22, 2010

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

That pretty much sums up spring break.  I took last week off to be home with the boys.  What was meant to be a "stay-cation" turned into a "work-cation".  Hubby has been working like a mad man for the last two months and there was a mountain of things to do around the house.  I didn't even touch a computer last week so I have a lot of catching up to do in the blog world.  Speaking of catching up...I am back at work...I have a ton to do....I'll try and keep this brief....try.
FYI this is the second time I am writing this post.  The first time I accidentally deleted it.....and so completes my spring break....

BTW Alice in Wonderland was fantastic!!! We actually saw it twice in 3D last week it was so good! Definitely recommend it! If your kids are able to watch the Narnia movies they should be able to watch this no problem.

Here is my week in review.  
I'll start with my running.
Last Sunday I ran 15 miles.  I felt surprisingly good, my legs felt strong(thank you Jillian Michaels). My running went down hill from there.  Monday 3 miles. Tuesday nothing. Wednesday nothing. Thursday 3 miles. Friday 1.5 miles. Saturday and Sunday nothing.  Today is the No Boundaries group run.  I am leaving straight from work to get to the track early and put in 8 miles before everyone gets there. To meet my goal of 100 miles this month I have to do about 5 miles a day for the rest of the month.  Totally doable.

Monday, rainy and cold. We watched movies and played games until the boys got totally bored with me. The rest of the day I did laundry.  Literally the rest of the day.......Spring Break off to a great start.

Tuesday, more rain and cold. I woke up to an all too familiar, horrible, smell.  The smell of mildew.  I found another water leak.  If you remember we just finished repairing the water damage that we found in Littlest Prince's room.  Thankfully we already repaired the source of the leak this damage just took a little longer to be visible...or smellable.  So my morning was consumed with making preparations for that repair.
Thankfully the neighbor boy was home and Little Prince and Middle Prince went to his house to play. Littlest Prince played with army men and followed me around every where "helping".
Tuesday afternoon,I painted the ceiling in our guest bathroom, apparently, I forgot to paint it last year when we painted everything else.

Wednesday, I decided we were going to get out of the house and I would do yard work.  I spent the next 8hrs running back and forth to Lowe's, airing up tires on the lawn mower, putting the utility trailer together, and trying to get the hedge-trimmer to crank.

Thursday, the sun came out and it warmed up to 70! I was ready to do yard work. This time everything was prepared.  Thankfully the boys LOVE to be outside.  We spent the next 2 days outside from sun-up to sun-down.

Friday, more yard work.  Started a worm farm with Middle Prince, and dug a "bunch" of holes in the mud with Littlest Prince.
Friday afternoon I went to the podiatrist to pick up my orthotics(they have been ready for 3 weeks).  I have also been having some pain in the ball of my left foot that radiates into my big toe.  He gave me an anti-inflammatory patch to wear and wants me to go back in 2weeks.  He said it might feel better after I've been wearing the inserts for a while.  I like them....the orthotics...they feel pretty good.  I haven't wore them on a run yet, so we will see tonight how they do.

Saturday, I was supposed to run the Rocket Run 10 miler, I didn't.  Two reasons, #1 No babysitter, #2 it was a work day at church where everyone comes and plants flowers and we do any repairs that need to be done on the grounds.  We(me and the boys) finished around noon.  The rest of the day we just played.

Sunday, church in the morning, nap, church in the evening.  Sundays are my favorite.  They are the days I feel like I get recharged.  I had been feeling like I was starting to lose my joy.  I let myself get so busy that I hadn't spent very much time in the Word or in prayer.  When you get distracted by your circumstances it is easier for the enemy to come in an steal your joy and your hope...and depression can set in.....I was reminded of this scripture. "You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore." -Psalm 16:11
I hadn't spent enough time in His presence.  That is easy to fix. Less distraction, more prayer, more reading the bible.

So that sums it up. I got a ton crossed off my to-do list, the boys swear it was the worst spring break ever...I assured them that it won't be the worst. 

Oh, oh!!! I got a package in the mail last week!!! I had totally forgot about winning the Champion Giveaway from Run,Zoe,Run!
This is what I won:
Champion Purple Double Dry Seamless Top (size M) 
Champion Black Double Dry Fitted workout pants - M
Champion Black Double Dry Running Jacket  - L

Everything fit perfectly!!! I wore the whole ensemble on my 15miler last week and loved it!! I have had a ton of compliments on the jacket too! My favorite part is that the sleeves on the shirt and jacket are long enough for my amazon arms!!! Love it!
I will post a picture later this week!  Thank you so much Zoe!!!

Did any of you watch the Cantore Stories on the Weather Channel yesterday? It was called "Surviving Death Valley" it was about the 2009 Badwater UltraMarathon.  It was amazing to see!! Dean Karnazes is a rock star!! Click HERE  to see some of it!

I have 48 followers...I am amazed that there are 48 people interested in my ramblings.  I have decided that when I hit 50 I will be hosting a celebratory giveaway!  I have been thinking about it for a while and I'm very excited about it!

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Grace and peace,

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Littlest Prince's room is finally finished! We had water damage in his room a little over a month ago and had to gut it and fix a "bunch of stuff"(that is actually the technical term).  The carpet was put down today and that was the final step!  He has been sharing a room(not sharing my bed ..I don't do animals or kids in my bed) with us for one month too long.  I'm a light sleeper and any little noise he would make would wake me up.  I'm looking forward to peaceful uninterrupted sleep tonight.  During the construction on his room I decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and have 2 of our bathrooms tiled.  In my head this made sense, my house would already be a mess from contractors coming in and out tracking dirt all over the place.  For the record, contractors do not care how clean your floors are or walls for that matter. 
From now on, one project at a time!!  The house was in total chaos and for a type A personality like myself I don't do chaos well.  At times I was down right irrational(shocker, I know.) and I would be on my hands and knees cleaning the floors and wiping down walls.  I even considered asking the workers to remove their shoes before coming inside. 

2.Tomorrow night I have a date with my boys.  I am taking them to see Alice in Wonderland and then to Maggie Moo's Ice Cream & Treatery (where I plan on overindulging in an Udderly Butter Bebopper) so Yummy!!  I have heard that Alice in Wonderland is a bit trippy, but I don't care.  Alice in Wonderland is my ALL time favorite movie from childhood. 

3. Next week is Spring Break and we were planning on spending it on the white, sandy, beaches of San Destin, FL.......not so much. Wah, Wah, Wah... Hubby had to work.  So I will be taking off work to have a "stay-cation" with the kids at home.  Actually, it will probably be more like a "work-cation" as there is a ton of stuff to be done around the house.  My brother is getting married in a few weeks and guess where the reception is.....my back yard. Woot. Woot.  So my list of activities include cleaning out the garage that we can barely walk through, tilling up the garden(yes in AL it's almost planting time), mulching the flower beds, and a bunch more stuff that makes me sleepy just thinking about.  Of course, I don't want the boys to have a sucky spring break so we'll hit up the local indoor pool, go to a museum, and do some other local activities that they are less than thrilled about. They really LOVE the beach. Hubby says he'll make it up to us.  I'm thinking a Caribbean cruise should do the trick.;)

I'm doing my first training run on hills tomorrow.....pray for me....I don't do hills....not that I can't...I just don't. I have the Rocket Run 10 miler on the 20th and I hoping hills will help take my running to another level.....
Goal for Rocket Run: sub 1:30:00

Oh one more thing! I know I called this Three Things Thursday but what I meant was 5 things... I've been doing the 30 Day Core Challenge hosted by One Run At A Time..and I am really feeling it today!

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Grace and peace,

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"I Can" in an "I Can't" world

"A Can-Do mentality seeks to achieve the end goal in any way possible. A Can't-Do Mentality looks for excuses and smokescreens to block any movement forward because, well, change can be unsettling."
-Some guy named Nick;)

Monday night was the kick-off meeting for the No Boundaries running program at Fleet Feet.  I was so excited because I really feel that this is an awesome program for beginning runners.  I wish I would have known about it when I started running. 

9 of my friends signed up for the program.  My prayer for them has been that God will ignite in them the same love and passion for running that He ignited in me.  Just signing up was a huge step for many of them and I didn't realize until the meeting how intimidated some of them are by the thought of running a 5k or even 1 mile.
What I was really unprepared for was the amount of grumbling and complaining I heard from the participants. It really frustrated me.  One of my friends made a comment that she was suckered into it. She tried to pass it off as a joke, but her face and body language could not hide the fear she was feeling.
Suckered into it?! I actually question myself for a moment. Did I push my friends too hard to participate?  Maybe I want this for them more than they want this for themselves? Trying to be as pleasant as possible I told them that their attitude would determine whether or not they were a success in this program or a failure.

I have always been a "go-getter", so sometimes it's hard for me to understand and empathize with an "I can't" attitude.  There are people on a waiting list for this program who want to make a lifestyle change.  They are ready to play an active role in their life and here are people who have that opportunity and they are grumbling because they might have to get up early one Saturday morning for a training run!

I believe that these people will succeed but they may need a lot more encouragement and prodding than I had initially thought.  They may never love running, but by gosh, they will have the tools they need when I get done with them to succeed at it if they want to.

All week I have really been thinking a lot about how our attitude and words affect our lives.
Your attitude and your words are going to make a HUGE impact on whether you succeed or whether you fail.  Your words are so powerful. The Bible even says "Words kill; words give life; they are either poison or fruit-you choose" Proverbs 18:21
You can kill a dream or a goal with your negative words or you can give life to those dreams and goals with your positive words.

I have always been athletic, so when I started running it was daunting, but I had a confidence that I could do it.  Sometimes I might be a little over confident and try to take on more than I can chew.  My God tells me that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."Phil 4:13, I take that literally.  Even when I feel like I might be drowning in my circumstances I choose to speak words of life.  I believe that our words frame our lives.  I want the frame of my life to be positive. We have all been around people who are negative all the time. What do their words say? "I can't do it, it's too hard, nothing will ever change." They focus on what they can't do, on all the bad things that are happening around them. And nothing ever changes.

Our first training run is this Monday night.  I am going to be armed with a positive attitude and full of encouraging words and compassion for all of the new runners.  Each one of these people had a specific reason why they signed up; whether it was weight loss, to be more active, to look better in a pair of jeans, or to be more social.  I want to help them focus on that so that they can be successful in meeting their goal. I want to help transform their thinking from "I can't" to "I can"!""!

Have you ever had an "I can't" moment?  How did you turn it into an "I can" victory?

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Grace and peace,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Running to Win

"You've all been to the stadium and seen the athletes race.  Everyone runs; one wins.  Run to win.  All good athletes train hard.  They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades.  You're after one that's gold eternally.  I don't know about you, but I'm running hard for the finish line.  I'm giving it everything I've got.  No sloppy living for me!  I'm staying alert and in top condition.  I'm not going to get caught napping, telling everyone else all about it and then missing out myself." -1 Corinthians 9:24-27(Message)
this was printed on the award certificates they handed out at the race

Saturday morning at 6am the little princes and I loaded into my friend Angie's suburban and headed out to the "On Your Mark 5k".  I was anxious. I haven't felt that jittery in a while before a race.  Not even the big races.  I even had a dream the night before that I had to pee right before the race started and when I went to the bathroom they started the race without me.  I'm not sure what it was about this race. I knew I wanted to PR, but that is my goal at every race.  I like to push myself.  Maybe it's that fact that this was the first race of the season. Who knows.  My friend Angie seemed pretty cool and collected and this was her first race ever!
By the time I got to the starting line I felt better.
The first mile I felt pretty good and was surprised when I got to the first mile mark and my time was 7:53.(my fastest mile ever)  When I got to the second mile mark the guy hollered out that I was in the 4th place position for women overall. WHAT!?! That kicked me into full on competition mode.  The fact that I had a chance to place in top 3 overall was crazy to me!  I could see the #3 girl about 20yards in front of me.  I try as I might, I could not close that gap.  The last leg of the race was up hill which increased that gap by about another 20 yards.  All I could think was....how much I hate hills and that #3 probably trains on hills....I should do hills...I hate hills....
I did finish strong though, my time was 24:44! I shaved almost a full minute off of my previous 5k PR. I was very happy with my run and placed 1st in my age group and 4th overall.  The girl that finished #3 was 22yrs old...that kind of made me feel better. ;)

My friend Angie finished in 27:58! Amazing for her first race! I am so proud of her! Little speedy!
The boys ran the 1mile fun run and both boys beat their last time.  Little Prince #2 placed 2nd in his age, and Little Prince #1 shaved a minute off of his time.

We all had a great race day and it was a fantastic way to kick off the race season!

Next race, Rocket Run 10 Miler on March 20th!!

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Grace and peace,

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a quickie!

Whew! What a weekend!! If that doesn't sum it up, let me show you a picture of Littlest Prince from yesterday.
permanent marker on his forehead is compliments of prince #2

Seriously! Normally my kids don't look like this. This weekend was completely out of control. We had a race, two kids birthday parties, and a dinner party on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure that my kids didn't eat a real meal all day. They made it through on granola bars and candy from the pinata.
Hubby had to work OT yesterday, 13th work day in a row, so Sunday was as chaotic as Saturday.  I'm still playing catch up today, so I don't have time to post much.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the 5k from Saturday, it involves a PR and a first place medal!

Hope you are all enjoying the spring temperatures!

I haven't had time to catch up on my blog reading and I know a lot of you had exciting weekends, will catch up tonight!!

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Grace and peace,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Want to be a Runner Like You.

 This week my little princes' are celebrating Read Across America week at school.  Today all the kids were supposed to dress up as what they want to be when they grow up.  When I asked the boys what they wanted to be Prince #1 said "I want to be a runner like you." LOL!!  My first thought was "this is going to be an easy costume, go throw on a pair of sweat pants." My second thought was "does he really think that I run for a living??"  How fantastic would that be to get paid to run! I'm not even going to correct him, I love hearing the from their teachers all the stories that my boys tell at school. I can hear it now "Tyler says your a professional runner.",  and I would reply, "why yes, yes I am."..LOL!!  When Prince # 1 was in Kindergarten I was at the parent/teacher conference and his (very proper, southern belle)teacher had a very concerned look on her face, I knew something big was coming, she said "Tyler tells me that sometimes you punch his daddy in the neck." HA! I almost fell over! I used to say that to hubby all the time in jest that I would punch him right in the neck if he forgot to take the garbage out, or if he was being crabby, it would always make me laugh(apparently I have a warped sense of humor). I would never actually do it! So I had to explain to this teacher that I don't actually abuse my hubby and that I just think it is something funny to say. She was not amused....I don't say it when the kids are around anymore. Though a few weeks ago hubby was picking at Prince #1 and he yelled "MOM! Come punch daddy in the neck!"....It's still funny to me!

Ok so I took a little tangent...so Prince #1 wanted to be a runner...what did Prince #2 want to be?
Our conversation went like this:

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Prince 2: Boba Fett.
Me: You can't be Boba Fett.
Prince 2: Why?
Me: Because Boba Fett is not real.
Prince 2: Yes he is. What about Darth Vader?
Me: How about a fireman or a police officer?(we have those costumes so that would be easy)
Prince 2: No. How about I can be a pollen jock? (He loves the Bee movie)
Me: *sigh* you have to be something that is real, a pollen jock is a bumble bee. You are not a bumble bee.
Prince 2: I might be one day
Me: No you won't.(if it wasn't 6am, I would have been laughing but at this point I was done talking) You will be a police officer or you won't dress up.
Prince 2: Can I bring real handcuffs and my BB gun?
Me: We don't have real handcuffs and cops don't carry BB guns.
Prince 2: If I'm a fireman can I bring a water hose?
Me: No, now get dressed!

I wish I would have snapped some pics this morning because they were a sight! 

They will be running in the 1 Mile fun run this Saturday and they are both pretty determined to set PR's.
I, on the other hand did not run Tuesday or Wednesday due to a case of crazy schedule-itis I am really looking forward to a 6 miler at lunch today and then tomorrow morning I am going to do a nice easy run with my friend Angie who is running the 5k with me Saturday.  We will also be brainstorming to come up with a name for my Garmin.  She calls hers "Huzzy" because it beeps at her and tells her to speed up all the time!

Any ideas for names for my Garmin?

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Grace and peace, 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Recap

February Stats:
Miles Run-73
Lbs lost in 2010-4
March Goal mileage- 100

In like a lion out like a lamb.....I am so excited that March is here!!  Happy March to you!!

First of all I want to thank Zoe at Run, Zoe, Run!. I won her Champion Gear giveaway over the weekend and it totally made my day! If you haven't checked out her blog yet I suggest that you do you won't be disappointed!

Weekend Recap
Busy, Busy, Busy!!
Friday night was my coaches meeting for No Boundaries and I was not disappointed.  There is a couple who will be helping coach, Jon and Kelly.  They host a lot of the local races here and are avid runners. Jon has run several Ultra Marathons and Kelly coaches high school cross country.
They have made "rock star" status in my head, so I was "shy" around them all night....what me shy?...for real I had sooooo many questions I wanted to ask them but I know myself well enough that when I get nervous it is best to keep my mouth shut! One time I told my boss's grown son that he was bow legged.... just in passing conversation...I say very inappropriate things when I'm nervous and then laugh uncontrollably loud.  Thankfully, I will be seeing a lot of them in the next 10 weeks so I will have plenty of opportunity to pick their brains about running.

Saturday from 10am-2pm, I had a seminar at church that rocked my world! Every now and then I have to stir myself up and re-ignite that fire for God. A relationship with God is like any other relationship, if you don't stir it up every now and then it fizzles out and looses it's fire!  The guy who did the seminar David Dixon has been an evangelist for 29yrs and has a fire that is so refreshing to be around.  It just rubs off on you when your around him.  He is real , he loves the Lord, and he does what God says to do regardless of what people think or say.  I am determined to have that boldness that the word of God says I can have in Ephesians 3:12(AMP)".....when we trust in Him, we're free to say whatever needs to be said, bold to go wherever we need to go...."

The rest of the day Saturday I spent playing with the boys.  Hubby's recliner finally came in and so we used the humongous box that it came in to make a fort. We played in the fort for a few hours, ate some pizza and watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.
BTW-this is Hubby's new recliner...he has waited 10 years for this!! 

I love when my crazy schedule allows time to just play and be goofy with the boys. They are growing so fast and I don't want to miss anything.  I have some silly boys...especially little prince #3! He has found my "accessories" drawer and is obsessed with it!

Little Prince-Accessorized! 

Sunday we have two church services one in the morning and one in the evening. Both services were great.   In between services I managed to get in 5 miles on the treadmill and the Jillian Michael's Trouble Zone workout while the kids napped.
Speaking of nap....I could use one right about now.

Hubby works for British Petroleum and will be working "turnaround". It happens every year at this time....not sure what it is exactly...just know he will be working Mon-Sat, 5am-6pm. So pretty much we won't see him very much until May. Plus, baseball season just started for Prince #1 & #2.  I am getting ready to kick my schedule into overdrive.  Hubby helps out A LOT and is totally hands on with the boys and around the house, so taking him out of the equation for a couple months is serious.

5 days and counting till I try for a 5k PR. Saturday's "On Your Mark 5k" will officially kick of the race season and I want to bring it in with a bang.  My goal is sub 25min. It will be the first race for my friend Angie and I know she will rock it too!!

Currently, as I am writing this there is a man in my home repairing little Prince #1's room from the water damage. Woot, Woot!!! Love that little guy but can't wait for him to have his room back!

What was the most exciting thing you did over the weekend?

If your new to my blog, welcome! If your not new, thanks for stopping by!
I love reading your comments and feedback!

Grace and peace,

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