“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Race Report- FINALLY!

I attempted to sit down and post this several times...to no avail!  I have had the last several days off of work so there should have been plenty of time, right? WRONG!!  Hubby left to go on a hunting trip and left the 3 boys and I to do everything but blog! The fact that I have even been able to get in a run today is borderline auh-mazing!! That being said, here is my race report.

Winter Misery One Miler- Race Report

First of all thank you to RunningLaur for hosting such a wonderful virtual event! 
I thought this would be a great race to run with the boys, so Christmas Eve morning we got up early and bundled up.   The temp was 50 degrees with wind gust up to 40 mph.  We pinned on our racing bibs and headed out after snapping a few pics.

Sebastian's game face!

Ready, set, go!!

Off we went to do a little warm up around the block.  After about 4 mins of running into the wind(which was brutal) the boys decided it might be best if they went back and got their bikes.

This was fine with me, I thought it would give me a chance to really push it and maybe even PR my mile.

I felt pretty good and was on course for a 7min 30 sec mile. Then, Sebastian fell off of his bike. I didn't want to stop (he wasn't hurt) so I slowed down to a jog, grabbed him and his bike, threw him back on it and continued to run. That and a combination of the 40 mph wind gusts set me at a 8min and 10sec mile.  Not a PR, but I'm happy with it.

We all had fun and maybe next year the boys will finish. They should be seasoned runners by then;)!

I didn't have a chance to do a Christmas post, so here are a few pics from our Christmas:

After Santa came to visit

That is a look of excitement!! He finally got a camera!

I ♥ Sarah Palin

totally hubby's idea!

Again....thanks to hubby!

Maddox was so exhausted from all the festivities he fell asleep half standing!!!

I have really been praying and meditating on this past year and the new year to come. Hopefully I will have the time this week to post about it!
Random note:
Hubby's Uncle has been very sick and they don't expect him to make it much longer.  The family has asked me to come to Nashville sometime this week to pray with him and the family before he dies.  I am so humbled and honored that they would ask me.

RUN FASTER MOMMY  is raising money for a great cause by hosting a raffle for an amazing prize! If you have the chance, go check it out!

 Hopefully I will post my New Year post tomorrow, if not, I pray you all have a wonderful and safe New Year with many blessings to come!!

Grace and peace,


Morgan said...

Your boys are too cute!!! Great recap and I love all the pics!!!

Your Uncle is in my prayers!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend this weekend!!!

Lisa said...

Amazing that you ran that fast with 40 mph winds... imagine what you can do without the wind. You are fast for sure.

Prayers for your husbands uncle.

Teamarcia said...

Nice mile in tough conditions Ms Speedy McSpeed! Cute pics! Sorry to hear about hubby's uncle.

Melissa said...

Your boys are adorable!!! Glad you had a great Christmas and a good run. Your time with a distraction is better than mine without one!!

Christina said...

Excellent job on the Misery Mile. I love the pictures of the kids and their game face.

Mary said...

What a great blog!! I am glad to find more fitness and faith blogs out there! Keep it up and be blessed!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Prayers with you for your Uncle.

What a great way to run the 1 miler!!

Cute cute PJ's. Happy New Year friend!

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