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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll never do it again..until next time

MP is turning 7 on the 17th of this month. 
Apparently we "forgot" to have a birthday party for him last year.   I'm pretty sure I remember something about cake for him last year...but he swears we forgot. Which, is totally possible. We forgot to celebrate LP's 7th b-day because I was busy giving birth to BP.......LP will never let us forget that. I tell him he had the best gift of all...a baby brother..an eye roll usually follows
Birthday's in December suck. Except for Jesus's Birthday.....but everyone else who has a b-day in December just gets gypped.  Between decorating, shopping, wrapping, Christmas parties for church, work, Christmas plays and pageants...and on and on and on....who has time to have a birthday party or go to a birthday party?

So we had his party last Saturday.....we got 3 invites for other birthday parties on that same day...poor kids.  Since it's so close to Christmas we went with a Christmas theme...that saved me some dough on decorations. We put up the tree and other Christmas decor threw a couple red and green table clothes on the tables and called it decorated!
 Normally if we have a party for the kids I like to do it outside or somewhere....anywhere... away from my house.  15 little boys playing smackdown inside my house is not my idea of fun.  Unfortunately, because I am a last minute planner, having it at home was the only option.  We fed the kids pizza and let them decorate gingerbread houses.

They loved that frosting!
Even the big kids had fun...LP(right) with one of his friends
he couldn't take his eyes off that candy long enough to get a picture.

they weren't sugared up enough from all the candy... so we fed them cake.

this kid LOVES all things sugar....
It turned out to be one of the most fun parties we have ever had!  With exception of BP's sugar induced meltdown when it was time to open presents.....he's the baby...he's spoiled...and he thinks it's all about him....most of the time it is...
Opening presents was mass chaos!! And baby prince was clawing to get to the gifts!
 The party ended without any casualties.....
 Normally, after a B-day party I say "I'm never doing that again" but we all had a really good time, especially MP. He said it was "the best!"..... who knows, I might be working on a mother-of-the-year award......;)

Grace and peace,


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Great party! If 15 kids were at your house, did anyone get to the other 3 parties? Haha...love the pics.

Emz said...


15 boys?!

HOLY MOTHER. You rock.

Love the photos!

Julie D. said...

what a fun party and a beautiful tree!!! Did the 7 year old birthday thing this weekend too!! wore me out!!

ajh said...

Hope you get Mother of the Year! Did you say 15 boys? Wow!

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Everyone is too cute. :) My little guy's birthday is a week away, so I know exactly what you mean about December birthday. The poor little guy even gets gypped by his grandpa, a Christmas Eve twin who should understand! Haha, anyway, I love the gingerbread house idea! I'll try that when my little guy gets older. I don't know about 15 boys though... You're brave!

Aimee said...

It sounds like it was a great party! I love the idea of decorating gingerbread houses!

N.D. said...

I love the candy pic!!

Anne said...

I'm voting for you for Mother of the Year! BTW, you look great in that hat :)

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