“But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

HELP! Snowed in!!

So I took a 2 week hiatus over Christmas break and expected to get a jump on things for the New Year.  Wrong!
Last week I played catch up all week in the office and at home, taking care of all I had neglected over break.  Then Sunday we got hit with another major snow(major for the south).  It was only 8 inches, but there are not snowplows or salt trucks around here, so 8 inches may as well be 3 feet.  School has been out all week and will resume again on Monday, however, I braved the roads to come to work today.  I HAD to get out of the house!

I have said before, I live in a rural area and are only able to get dial-up internet connection, so I depend heavily on my work computer and my blackberry.  Unfortunately, my blackberry did a nose dive into some dishwater over break.  It was clearly on a suicide mission.  I have been without a phone for 2 weeks because I refuse to pay full price and I have a free upgrade in little over 2 weeks....whatever! Anyway...my point is...I have been completely disconnected from the world for close to a month!!!
not sure what happened to frosty's eyes.

I have so many blog posts stored in my head!

Running...has been difficult.  I'm not sure how you stay-at-home moms do it.  Last week I struggled to pound out 20 miles.  This week with a snow and ice covered roads, I have managed a measly 3miles on the treadmill.  I have been able to squeezed in a couple pilates workouts(with kids jumping on my back) and a P90X legs workout..which I'm pretty sure I will be feeling for the next week.OUCH!  This evening I am going for a 6 miler outside.  Not sure how fast it will be in the snow, but my body is craving a run outside.  
I'm frustrated because I had planned on running the Mercedes Marathon on February 13th, and I have just not been able to get my miles in.  I will most likely change to the half marathon.

A Few Goals for 2011

1. Lose 15lbs.....Ok, I have had a lot of negative feedback when I tell people about this goal (which is why I no longer tell people) except for you ...you are different though...runners understand that a woman who runs at 160lbs will run faster at 145lbs.  I don't want to be thinner....I want to be faster.  I'm down 3lbs already this year!  And this leads me to my next goal...

2. Boston Qualify.  Ambitious...I know.  Especially since I have only one full marathon under my belt. I have thought long and hard about this goal and I am 100% convinced that I can make it happen.  Running my first marathon gave me so much more confidence in my ability as a runner..or God's ability in me.  I am currently looking for a great course to BQ at. Willing to travel...and open for suggestions.

3. Complete my first Ultra-Marathon- The Delano 12 Hour Run on March 12th.  Not sure yet if I am going to be part of a relay team or run as an individual.

I'm really excited about this year. I believe that God has good things in store for me and my family.

I am also excited to be able to catch up on all of your blogs and to see what goals you have set for this new year!

Oh! One more thing...I signed up for the Warrior Dash HERE have any of you done a Warrior Dash?  I think it will be a blast!
Have a great Thursday!

Grace and peace,


Glenn Jones said...

My hat is off to you midwesterner's and easterner's. I'm sitting here in Southern California complaining that it's cloudy and 55 outside. 20 miles a week in your conditions is quite commendable. Way to go April!

Jane said...

For a BQ (which I have yet to attain, but I'm working on getting closer), the Snickers Marathon Bar Marathon in Albany, GA was a favorite of mine. I got a major PR there. The course is great - flat and fast - as well as the support and weather (in March or April I think).

Also, Delano is very fun. Good choice for a first ultra!

April said...

Thanks Jane, I'll check it out!

gmontalvo13 said...

i totally want to lose weight to become faster!

you will love the warrior dash! did it in novemeber w/a group of friends...so much fun!

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